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We love characters!

It all began in the year 2001 with school products featuring the smart hero Yu-Gi-Oh! Since then, Undercover has become a renowned specialist provider of licensed products for school, stationery, creative items, satchels, bags and school backpacks.

The target-group-oriented collections cover:

  • pre-school,
  • back to school,
  • teenager and
  • seasonal creative products.

Some of our core brands/licenses:

School accessories

High-quality school satchels, bags, umbrellas, tableware and creative toys

Kids from 3 to 14

Undercover GmbH
Nordostpark 74
90411 Nuremberg, Germany

in Nuremberg, Germany

Brand Philospophy

We love characters! They are cute, colourful and make us smile! Characters also often play an important role in our children’s development. They serve as role models and convey moral values and guidance that help children cope in society and at school. Our aim is therefore to send children to school accompanied by their favourite heroes on school and stationery supplies. We rely upon high-quality workmanship and strictly scrutinise the quality of our products so that families can enjoy them for years to come.

The Undercover story
  • 2001: Michael Fortdran, Norbert Weber and Stephan Krüger establish the Undercover GmbH. They started with the license Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • 2005: Undercover launches the first license schoolbag “Disney Princess”.
  • 2008: Undercover moves into the new head office in Nordostpark in Nuremberg.
  • 2010: Undercover launches the label Scooli. Scooli signifies ergonomic schoolbags with kids most favorite heroes.
  • 2015: The Simba Dickie Group participates in the Undercover GmbH.
  • 2017: All Scooli schoolbags are awarded with the test certificate “Ergonomisches Produkt” (ergonomic product) from IGR.


Undercover and its team of professional product designers design and develop all products in Germany. All items are produced by longtime suppliers in Asia and Europe. In addition to on-site visits, the certification BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiatives) guarantees social standards in production.


Undercover wants its products to be enjoyed by families for years to come: Therefore product-quality and -safety is crucial to Undercover. All the products are regularly tested in renowned institutes such as TÜV Rheinland Group or LGA.